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Vocational Rehabilitation Service Models
for Individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorders
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Mission Statement

Job Path supports people with developmental disabilities in their efforts to make choices about their lives. The organization encourages people to explore what they want out of life and to chart their own journeys. Job Path then provides the opportunities and support for individuals to succeed at whatever they want -- whether it's paid or volunteer work, living in their own homes, or participating in community life. Job Path is a reflective organization where staff carefully listen to people and thoughtfully consider the implications of their decisions.

Fredda Rosen
22 West 38th Street
New York, NY 10018
Phone: 212-944-0564
Fax: 212-921-5342
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Organizational Profile

In 1978 the Vera Institute of Justice partnered with the New York State agency that supports people with disabilities to create Job Path. What started as a pilot project for 10 individuals with developmental disabilities has now grown to a successful agency that has placed over 2000 persons with disabilities in jobs where they work with or without support, alongside persons without disabilities. Job Path spun off from the Vera Institute in 1999 and is now an independent, non-profit agency.

Program Design

  • A preliminary assessment, known as the "discovery process", is conducted on each individual. During this time staff members observe the individual in his or her environment (home, temporary job placement, community, etc.) to determine strengths, interests and needs. From that, an individualized vocational profile is created.
  • A customized job that is deemed an appropriate match is created for the individual. Intensive job coaching is provided both before taking the job and while on the job.
  • Long-term assistance is provided in the form of continued on the job support, and/or follow-up.
  • Life coaching that involves goal setting, developing plans of action, and goal implementation is provided to persons with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), in order to help them reach their full potential. Community support is also provided to help individuals actively participate in their communities in the form of social and recreational activities.

What makes Job Path work?

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"The program is based on customized employment strategies, which provide a structure for determining the skills and tasks that people with even the most significant disabilities can bring to an employer.

People with autism frequently have difficulty fitting into positions that are advertised in the competitive market because of their complex social and communication challenges. Nevertheless, they have a myriad of skills and abilities that can be useful to employers.

At Job Path we help people with developmental disabilities find jobs, live in their own homes and participate in community life. In other words - lead the same kind of life we all want for ourselves and for our children.  Our programs are designed to help anyone who wants to work, no matter the amount of support the person might need."

Fredda Rosen, Executive Director Job Path

Job Path places more than 90% of its enrollees. The time from enrollment to job placement can vary from three to eighteen months, depending upon the person's needs and interests.  At least 85% of those placed retained their jobs for a year or longer.

What do parents and consumers have to say about Job Path?

Photo of Anton at New York Public Library.

"After my son Anton was diagnosed with Asperger's Syndrome (AS), I was told he would never be able to find a job. All his life, he had to prove he is able to do more than people expected of him. When we first contacted Job Path, Anton was still in college and he spent a summer at the Job Path office. But when he graduated, there was no job. Anton was just staying home spending hours in front of his computer. When Job Path called about an interview at the New York Public Library, I didn’t believe it. Then I found out that staff had been working on a position at the library for a while. Getting the job has changed Anton a lot. It is very important for him to have goals and duties and to be around people. And it’s very important that he has money. He is so proud every time he brings home his check."

Anna Krupa, Parent of an Individual with AS

"My name is Anton Krupa. I am working at the library for almost two years.When I came to New York from Ukraine, I spent many hours in the library.  When I graduated from college, it was very hard for me to find a job and it was depressing. Job Path helped me get a position in the New York Public Library. They did all the hard work for me. They created a position where I can be useful. I turn on all the computers in the morning to make sure that everything is working. I catalog microfilms, and I shelf returned materials. Sometimes I help Russian speaking patrons, and I translate newspaper and magazine titles from Ukranian and Russian language to English. I am busy all day, and I like it!  Now when I go out with friends, I don’t have to borrow money from my parents. With money from my paycheck, I was able to pay for sports club and cell phone, buy new clothes and save money for a vacation."

Anton Krupa, Individual with AS and Job Path participant

Program Effectiveness

During Fiscal Year 2009:

  • 41 individuals with autism were in the program
  • 14 of the 41 individuals were already in an employment placement and were receiving follow along services
  • 14 individuals were placed in new supported employment placements
  • 26 individuals were ready for employment.
  • Placements were either in the clerical/sales or service industry with a pay range of $7.15-$15.00/hr

What do employers have to say about Job Path?

"Working with Job Path is one of the best decisions we have ever made. This venture has provided us with quality employees. It makes us all shine."

Director of Operations, Manhattan District Attorney's Office

Photo of Marc Dreyfuss working at the counter at Best Buy's Geek Squad

Meet Marc: One of Many Job Path Success Stories

"Co-workers at the Geek Squad at Best Buy in New York's Union Square say that Marc has been such a great asset to their team. With his knowledge of computers and his excellent work ethic, he has helped his co-workers to determine solutions to very complex projects."

At Best Buy, I can use my knowledge and background at the aptly named Geek Squad, and work with cool people and technology. Thanks, Job Path.

Marc Dreyfuss, Individual with ASD and Job Path participant.


Job TitleTotal NumberPercent TimeKey Tasks
Director 1 100 Program oversight, staff supervision, and job development.
Employment Specialist 4 100% Learn about people through the discovery process, develop jobs, job coaching.
Long-Term Employment Counselors 3 100% Provide follow-up support to people on their jobs.
Community Outreach Assistant 1 100% Job development, social skills training on jobs Asperger's Syndrome specialization
Totals 9 FTE

Necessary for successful replication

  • Staff with a thorough understanding of the abilities and challenges that persons with autism spectrum disorder may bring with them
  • Individualized programs to meet the unique needs of each client

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