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Vocational Rehabilitation Service Models
for Individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorders
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A Webcast Series:

Effective Vocational Rehabilitation Programs for People with Autism Spectrum Disorders

Part Three Featuring TEACCH

About the Series

SEDL and partners on the National Advisory Panel of the Vocational Rehabilitation Service Models for Individuals with ASD project have implemented a rigorous process for identifying and validating vocational rehabilitation effective practices. This initiative is important due to the fact that rates of ASD are increasing, while employment rates for people with disabilities are declining. People with ASD tend to experience lower employment rates than other persons with disabilities.

To date, three programs have been identified as being effective programs for their successful competitive employment strategies for people with ASD. This three-part series highlights each of these programs. An archive of part one and two of the series is available on our website at

About the Webcast

TEACCH Supported Employment Program was created in 1989 to support adults with ASD in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. In 2009, all 31 of the consumers of the program were placed in jobs with wages ranging from $7.15- $18.00 per hour. Each individual receives an average of 200 hours of job coach support including assessment, job preparation, work adjustment training, on-site training, and follow-up services. The individualized support to each consumer and staff with a thorough understanding of the abilities and challenges of people with ASD contribute to the success of this program.

About the Presenter

Michael Chapman is currently the statewide Director of Services for Division TEACCH's Supported Employment Program.  He went to work for the Supported Employment Program soon after graduating from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in 1988.  Mr. Chapman advocates for Supported Employment services for individuals with autism around the state of North Carolina and has trained audiences both nationally and internationally about the TEACCH Supported Employment Model.  Mr. Chapman is one of the coauthors of Division TEACCH's transition assessment tool, the TEACCH Transition Assessment Profile (TTAP).   In addition, Mr. Chapman coauthored the Chapter on Adult Services in the TEACCH Approach to Autism Spectrum Disorders.

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